Drawing on mylar with pencil of an old man from Spain. This is a colored pencil sketch of the NBA-Hall of Famer Julius Irving. This is the poetry book cover I designed and won the competition of the book of poetry. This is a colored pencil drawing of a pair of cowboy boots my mother gave me that I interpretted to from the coat of many colors to the boots of many colors. Art-drawings-scrimshaw-scrimshaw-matrix. This a pen ink drawing I did of a charter fishing boat in Kemah Texas. The boat is long gone, but I cherish the memory. This is an interpretive pen and ink drawing of a Texas fishing village.
An interpretive work of a morphed indian motorcycle. Pen and ink drawing of a bull elk. Sketch drawing of a baseball player sliding into second base. Cartoon painting of a hotrod bmw car. Pen and ink drawing of a deer walking through the woods. Cartoon sketch of a future car and lost keys. Cartoon drawing of a Porsche 930 turbo.