Paintings - Part 1

This is my only ever self portrait. Here I am standing on Enchanted Rock in Texas. First attempt of a painting of a still life. Art painting motif 1 a place I visited in 1982. Painting of the Mast General Store barn in North Carolina. Painting of Rosie a sweet old dog. Painting of the Miyajima Shrine near Hiroshima Japan.
Art-paintings-little-japanese-girl01. art-paintings-little-japanese-boy. Art-paintings-emperors-swan. Art painting of a texas made flower boot painting. Art paintings of texas black roper boot by miller. Art paintings of the red lizard texas boot painting.
Art paintings of yellow boot with cactus on the upper leather. Going to Texas Sunflower painting web page. Going to the Cat At The Door Painting. Oil painting Shosone Surprise of an indian in Wyoming Tetons. Painting of laborador Idunn. Painting of uncle Joe.
Painting of Amanda. Painting of my son when he was a minor league pitcher for the Dbacks Oil painting of Rambo Oil painting of an elderly couple. Painting of Longboat key. Oil painting of the West Texas Rider.
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