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List of tutorials available from Richard Platt website.

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Fractional - Decimal - Metric Chart   Adobe Illustrator Notes
Explaining Orthographic & Isometric - Projections   AutoCAD Beginner's Notes
How To Do Orthographic & Isometric Projections - YouTube   Adobe Illustrator Peace Sign Tutorial
How to draft an Isometric Circle   AutoCAD Peace Sign Tutorial
Lineology - Understanding Drafting Line Styles   Make a Dog Tag with Illustrator & Laser
CO2 Draster Design Design - Outside Wheel Design   Cool Rendering in SolidWorks & Photoshop
CAMWorks - Creating Tool Paths to Mill CO2 Dragster - YouTube   SolidWorks - Designing Seminole Phone Stand
CAMWorks Chapter 1 in Milling CO2 Dragster   Making a Desk Name Plate
CAMWorks Chapter 2 in Milling CO2 Dragster   Creating a 3D Animation for Cell Phone
CAMWorks Chapter 3 in Milling CO2 Dragster   Adobe Illustrator & CNC to Make Letters
CAMWorks Chapter 4 in Milling CO2 Dragster   Illustrator & Cricut Maker T-Shirt
CAMWorks Chapter 5 in Milling CO2 Dragster   Ruler & Scale Project Laser Engrave Project
CAMWorks Chapter 6 in Milling CO2 Dragster   30-60-90 Project Laser Engrave Project
Illustrator Christmas Ornament Project   30-60-90 Drawing .pdf file
Wall Art Name Project   Dimensioned 30-60-90 Triangle
Designing Bookend Projects   Tissue Box Rendering Tutorial
Manufacturing Bookends by Gaurav Garre   Napkin Box Tutorial
AutoCAD+CNC=Making Pallet Hat Rack 1st html tutorial
CO2 Dragster - Shell Car - SolidWorks   Blank A-Size Drawing Sheet