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The Applied Engineering Technology Program - by Richard Platt

The multiple award winning Applied Engineering Technology program at Southeast High School is prepatory course of study, for both post secondary education and becoming work ready. Our program recognizes the facts and realities about the needs our students. The needs of the work place in manufacturing, design, engineering and the digital requirements of our local, national and global economy. We strive to achieve the most prepared students to enter college and to enter the work force.

Work ready, means students are prepared, after four years of study, to enter the work force ready for employment. To become work ready, students create a physcial 4 year Engineering Portfolio Binder and an Engineering Portfolio website. Their Engineering portfolio, showcases their Industry Certifications and their job skills:

from design to advanced manufacting. Students learn traditional drafting, digital design, 3D Solid Modelling CAD, Computer Aided Manufacturing using CNC Manufacturing Machines., Employment in a technical field to earn a self supporting income, with advancement opportunities to grow their income to become successful.

Our SEMINOLE PRIDE produces the most capable and work ready high school students in Florida.